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4 Trikonas

Number Represent Chart Number Details
1, 5, 9 धर्म Chart : 1 Those houses are related with the sense of duty, mission in life, the way the soul progresses in the spiritual evolution, the philosophy of life, religion, spirituality, type of worship, spiritual teachers and learning, honesty and moral values.
2, 6, 10 अर्थ Chart : 2 Artha relates to the material and physical support of life. They relate to the prosperity, wealth, work, material success and recognition.
3, 7, 11 काम Chart : 3 Houses 3, 7 and 11 are the Kama houses, related to the desires and the possibility to fulfill them.
4, 8, 12 मौक्ष Chart : 4 Houses 4, 8 and 12 th are the Moksha houses Those houses relate with the liberation from the material bondage, and from the creation of Karma and attachmen
धर्म (Chart 1)
अर्थ (Chart 2)
काम (Chart 3)
मौक्ष (Chart 4)